What’s in this issue

Women, women, women – we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. Our latest issue is here to magnify all the extraordinary aspects of the unique World Of Women. Discover why Angelina Jolie is our ultimate female role model and enjoy our special bonus interview with the handsome and talented Matthew McConaughey – because this wouldn’t be the world of women without a little ‘man’ in it. Learn how you can embrace your natural beauty, adopt Sophia Vergara’s sexy style, the 7+1 steps for the ultimate spring transformation and get acquainted with the latest information on Vaginal Beautification as expressed by one of Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons. Get inspired by Lucy Mathen; BBC’s first female Asian broadcaster who decided to become an ophthalmologist in her 30s and now saves 50,000 blind people a year or pick your brain with Diane Danielson’s tips for leveraging women in the business world. Brace yourself for an issue that promises to add that special female touch that beautifies our lives.