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Two years with WOW NOW

WOW NOW’s twentieth, anniversary issue is brought to you with a twist. With a completely different layout we seek to entertain and inform you through a playful and interactive concept that starts from the number one and moves gradually up to number twenty. We can only hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating (…)

Happy, Healthy & Fit

If you’re looking for ways to improve your mind and body from the inside out then WOW NOW’s latest issue will show you how you can achieve health and happiness. Discover the latest on foods that help you eliminate stress and fat, the Raw Foods Diet that everyone is raving about and four of the most praised diets placed (…)

Live, Laugh, Love!

WOW NOW’s latest issue is here to guide you through the whole prepping up process of both mind and body to look and feel fabulous on the steamiest night of the year. Discover the hottest tips to seduce your lover, the aphrodisiacs you need to start consuming and the most romantic destinations across the globe.

To boot, get inspired (…)

The beauty of Christmas

WOW NOW’s latest issue exudes the true spirit of Christmas as reflected in the interview of Mari Kyriakou, whose message of love is expressed through her efforts in helping and supporting the underprivileged. In this issue, we also have the honor of hosting interviews concerning beauty tips from Miss World, Irene Skliva, fashion insight from Greek designer, Sofia Kokosalaki, how (…)


WOW NOW’s latest issue praises the art of life as it hosts inspiring interviews with individuals who feared, fought and inspired others for a better tomorrow. Despite the ups and downs presented by life they found the means to soar through successfully.

Elli Stai, successful TV journalist and personality is this month’s cover, whose passion for work is reflected in her (…)


What’s in this issue:

The three words that definitely describe how we view modern day women are: Fun, Fierce & Fabulous! In an issue dedicated to women who juggle working life whilst still maintaining a sense of femininity, we host the story of Hollywood’s funniest; Ellen DeGeneres. Who hope that you will find inspiration in the almost movie-script life of comic, (…)



Summer has official reached its peak and our latest issue vows to freshen, enliven and uplift your spirits with everything you need to look beautiful both inside and out during the hottest month yet!

Through the camera lens of the Minister of Tourism, we place Greece under the microscope as the ongoing theme throughout this issue – besides, we all know (…)


Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun and it’s ready to turn the heat up this summer! Our favorite season of the year is finally here and WOW NOW has gathered an array of articles to accompany you on your tanning session abroad. This is the season when all the creme de la creme sets sail to lavish locations. Be prepared to find (…)

Shape Me Up

What’s in this issue

Our role model of the month, Cameron Diaz, highlights the importance of being healthy and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, and we’re all ears as she’s clearly got it right. Besides, your body is the one place you will always call home, which is why you need to keep it in tip-top shape so that you age gracefully (…)


What’s in this issue

Women, women, women – we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. Our latest issue is here to magnify all the extraordinary aspects of the unique World Of Women. Discover why Angelina Jolie is our ultimate female role model and enjoy our special bonus interview with the handsome and talented Matthew McConaughey – because (…)