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Women, women, women – we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. Our latest issue is here to magnify all the extraordinary aspects of the unique World Of Women. Discover why Angelina Jolie is our ultimate female role model and enjoy our special bonus interview with the handsome and talented Matthew McConaughey – because (…)


What’s in this issue:

We cannot think of a better way to welcome the New Year than with an issue that revolves around sensuality, seductiveness and romance – oh yes, love is in the air! In our latest issue you can expect to find everything from body oils and chocolate desserts that will get you straight in the mood for a (…)


What’s in this issue:

Our December issue is going to be the perfect accompaniment to your hot chocolate, fire-time read. Beauty definitely goes hand-in-hand with the celebrations of the season, which is why we sought to educate, inspire and feed your soul with bits and bobs of valuable Christmas glamour tips. Discover how both genders can treat themselves to a festive (…)

Beyond Beauty

What’s in this issue:

Have you ever imagined a world that goes beyond technology, beyond innovations and beyond beauty? We have! Tap into a world that explores the most advanced and innovative technologies to combat aging and discover the revolutionary methods that will keep you in tip-top shape; whether that’s the diet of the future or an instant snowflake facelift. Along (…)



What is in this issue:

Seeing as October is breast cancer awareness month, WOW NOW decided to dedicate its entire issue to this worthwhile cause. Kylie Minogue is this month’s guest for “Beauty On The Screen’ as she’s turned from pop sensation to designers’ darling. You can also expect to find the ultimate breast guide into the world of plastic surgery, (…)

Falling For Fashion

What is in this issue:

We’re officially back from the holidays and ready for a new start. WOW NOW gives you the inside scoop from discovering the best beauty treatments to nourish your skin after sun exposure, to finding solutions to sleepless night and much-avoided autumn viruses. As fashion week slowly creeps up, we cannot help but get influenced by the (…)

Mediterranean Chic

What is in this issue:

We’re right in the heart of the summer so we’ve gathered a sizzling selection of hot topics that exude that beachy, carefree attitude of the season. Whether you’re searching for the latest trends and tips for looking perked-up at the beach, or in the mood to start Stand Up Paddle, now’s the time to change your (…)

Divinity: Greece’s Iconic Beauty

What is in this issue:

The third issue of WOW NOW’s exclusive digital and interactive magazine for iPads is wholly based on embracing and bringing to surface the different dimensions of beauty and its existence within Greece and its culture. As we stay true to our magazine’s identity we’ve managed to pull together all the relevant resources to create the ultimate, (…)

A Restless Soul

What is in this issue:

Can’t get enough of WOW NOW? Copy fashion’s little Angel – Miranda Kerr’s style or get the scoop on a little nip/tuck from Dr. Biggs – who took part in the first ever breast augmentation (thank us later). This spring includes a smelly armpit Botox rescue, the 5 truths of a detox diet and lift your (…)

Issue 1

What is in this issue:

The first issue of WOW NOW hosts our most WOW-right-NOW Greek woman, Doretta Papadimitriou on its cover. Mina Papatheodorou-Valiraki adds her touch of color with her creative spirit, the ultimate plastic surgery guru, Wendy Lewis, gives us the inside scoop on the field of aesthetic medicine whilst we also take a closer look at the women (…)