WOW NOW’s latest issue praises the art of life as it hosts inspiring interviews with individuals who feared, fought and inspired others for a better tomorrow. Despite the ups and downs presented by life they found the means to soar through successfully.

Elli Stai, successful TV journalist and personality is this month’s cover, whose passion for work is reflected in her passion for life. Furthermore, we have an inspiring interview with Stefanos Korkolis, world-renowned pianist and composer, who talks about his health struggle and his career thus far, followed by Norwegian soprano, Sissel who enlightens us on the value of music in life. Our final interview is that of Dimitra Patrikarakou, the first Greek to publish a book in her homeland as a memoir of the sexual child abuse she experienced from a family member. 

Seeing as October is cancer awareness month, you will also find tips on early diagnosis of this disease, as well as real life testimonies and the truth about what life is like after treatment. In addition, get acquainted with the latest facial and hair products, the therapies that will erase wrinkles and the much talked about Paleo diet.